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The purpose of the Autobahn Youth Scholarship Tour is simple but vital to the clear goal stated by John Chase, owner of Autobahn Motorcar Group, and wife Diann “All young people should be able to receive a college education if they desire one.” Therefore, over $400,000 in scholarship money was distributed in 2016, through the Autobahn Youth Scholarship Tour, to hard working youth exhibiting Texas Longhorn Cattle.

The Autobahn Youth Scholarship Tour is unique to the cattle industry and is the standard by which other breeds are seeking to invest in the future of our youth. All inquiries about this exciting opportunity are welcome. Simply contact General Manager Larry Barker at (817) 988-6110 or email LBarker@abahn.com for more information.

Speech topics for the 2017 Diann Chase Longhorn Scholarship Expo are either Discipline or Community.

2016 Autobahn Show Results

2016 Diann Chase Longhorn Scholarship Expo Results

Complete results from the 2016 Diann Chase Longhorn Scholarship Expo. See where everyone placed and the rewards for all the events, divisions and classes.

2016 Autobahn Show Videos

2016 Autobahnanza Videos

We hope everyone had a lot of fun at the 2016 show. As usual we have several videos for you to watch from the show! Click here for the latest videos.

Autobahn Youth Tour Entry Form


Please get your entry form completed and sent to us as soon as you can if you plan on attending the show. Click here for the form.

Longhorn Health Requirements


Health Requirements will be posted on this site for every show. Click here to see the latest information on the health requirements for the Autobahn Youth Show.

Class Structure Details


We’ve outlined the details for the Autobahn Youth Scholarship Tour Class structure with detailed information. Click here to view up-to-date information.

Scholarship Access & Information


Need scholarship account info, or to access your funds? As always, contact Stacie Williams at Morgan Stanley. Click here for her contact information.

$400,000 Announced for the 2016 Diann Chase Longhorn Scholarship Expo!

The Autobahn Motorcar Group Youth Scholarship Tour ANNOUNCES A NAME CHANGE FOR OUR SHOW

The new name for our event is the Diann Chase Longhorn Scholarship Expo. It is fitting that the Autobahn Youth Tour honor the memory of Diann Chase. Along with her husband John, Diann was co-founder and tireless champion of the Autobahn Youth Tour. Her commitment to helping educate youth was reflected in her generosity and uncompromising belief in the importance of a college education for all. We deeply miss Diann and humbly dedicate our yearly expo to this great lady.

To mark the occasion, $25,000 in scholarships was added at the inaugural 2015 Diann Chase Longhorn Scholarship Expo. These added funds brought the total to $375,000 for the 2015 show.

For the 2016 event, an additional $25,000 was added bringing the total to $400,000!

The Autobahn Youth Tour is continually inspired by our participants. Coupled with our new name and Diann’s memory, the Autobahn Youth Tour charts a course devoted to honoring Diann Chase and serving youth seeking to fulfill their dreams. Do not miss the Diann Chase Longhorn Scholarship Expo! Where opportunities abound!