Extemporaneous Essay, Short Course Quiz & Livestock Judging Rules

Extemporaneous Essay Contest Rules

Exhibitor will be given topic for essay at the contest. The topic will be one on which the exhibitor will be familiar. The exhibitor will be supplied with pen and paper.  No time limit (within reason) or length requirements. No electronic devices allowed. A dictionary will be available for reference.

Short Course Quiz Rules

Exhibitor will answer general knowledge quiz questions. Questions cover a wide range of topics from geography to civics. Quiz questions are true/false or multiple choice. Tie breaker questions are fill in the blank.

Livestock Judging Contest Rules

Exhibitors will be required to rank animals 1st – 4th place in four groups. The four groups are junior females, senior females, bulls and steers. The Hormel Livestock Judging Scoring System is used to score contest.

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