Fantasy Show String & Rules

What is Fantasy Show String?

The Fantasy Show String is an opportunity for participants to assemble the highest quality lineup of Texas Longhorn cattle entered into the Autobahn Youth Tour show. Through the draft, the participants will fictitiously choose six animals and will receive points for each animal’s placing during the show.

Fantasy Show String Teams

Each Fantasy Show String Team will be comprised of six animals, one from each age division: Junior Females, Intermediate Females, Senior Females, Bulls, Junior Steers and Senior Steers.

Preparing your Fantasy Show String

Only animals entered into the Autobahn Youth Tour show are eligible to be included on a Fantasy Show String Team. The animals will be stalled on the grounds of Will Rogers Memorial Center and will be available for viewing. Participants will have from check-in day until Thursday at 7:00 pm to observe cattle. The draft will begin promptly at 7:00 pm.

Who is Eligible to Play?

Fantasy Show String participants must be eighteen years of age or older and not an exhibitor in the Autobahn Youth Tour show. Autobahn Youth Tour show ring stewards are not eligible. The number of teams will be determined by the division with the least number of animals.

Registering to Play

Each person who wishes to participate must provide the show office with $50 entry fee (cash or check) and a Team Name before 3:00 pm on Thursday. Participants will receive a Fantasy Show String Top Picks Form and a scoring sheet.

Draft Methods

We will begin our live draft at 7:00 pm. The draft will begin with Junior Females and continue in order of the show procession. Tokens will be drawn by participants to determine the draft order of the age division. This process will be repeated for each age division. Autobahn Youth Tour staff will monitor the flow of the draft and address any issues. Staff will be responsible for recording each participant’s draft pick. There will be a one minute time limit between picks. The animals will be drafted by the participants in the number order of the tokens drawn at the beginning of draft of each age division. At the conclusion of the draft, all participant’s show string will be posted in a public location. No trades permitted.

Scratched Animals

In the event of a scratched animal: If an animal you have selected in your draft is scratched at the gate due to handling issues, illness, injury, etc. you will receive one point for that animal’s placing.

Fair Play/Conduct

Honesty and integrity are imperative during the competition. Participants will be polite and courteous when interacting with other participants and the volunteers.

Scoring Format

The participant whose team acquires the most points will win first place. We will award three places.

1st Place10 points6th Place5 points
2nd Place9 points7th Place4 points
3rd Place8 points8th Place3 points
4th Place7 points9th Place2 points
5th Place6 points10th Place1 point
Divisional Champion 5 pointsGrand Champion10 points
Res. Divisional Champion3 pointsRes. Grand Champion7 points



First place winning team will receive 50% of the money wagered by all of the participants. Second place winning team will receive 30% and the third place winning team will receive the remaining 20% of the money. For example, if twenty participants register, there will be a total of $1,000 wagered. First place would win $500, second place would win $300 and third place would win $200.

In the event of a tie: If first and second place tie, the two winning teams will split 80% of the money wagered. If second and third place tie, the winning teams will split 50% of the money wagered. If there is a tie for third place, the winning teams will split 20% of the money wagered.

Winnings will be mailed to the winners after the Autobahn Youth Tour show.


Any issues or concerns about the running of this event should be brought to the attention of the Autobahn Youth Tour’s General Manager. The General Manager’s decision will be final on all matters that may arise.

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