Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Autobahn Youth Scholarship Tour?

The purpose of the Autobahn Youth Scholarship Tour is rooted in our Mission Statement stated by John Chase, owner of the Autobahn Motorcar Group, and his wife Diann “All young people should be able to receive a college education if they desire one”. Therefore, the Autobahn Tour was established to help young people realize their goal of attaining a higher education.

Why Texas Longhorn Cattle?

The Texas Longhorn Breed is blessed with an outstanding group of young people, fostered by a strong support group of parents, grandparents and committed breeders dedicated to providing opportunities for the next generation of leaders.

How many Autobahn Youth Tour Shows are held each year?

Beginning with the 2013 Autobahn Youth Tour, there will be 1 tour show per year.

How do I get my child involved?

Contact Pam Dodson, Autobahn Youth Scholarship Tour General Manager, for details.

office: (817) 390-3130

How much scholarship money was awarded at the 2017 Diann Chase Longhorn Scholarship Expo?

Over $400,000.

How is the recipient of the Laura Harding Perseverance Award determined for each show?

A letter of nomination for the award is sent to Pam Dodson in care of the Autobahn Youth Scholarship Tour 3000 White Settlement Rd., Fort Worth, Texas 76107.

The nominated youth must be a participant in the Tour and past winners are not eligible.

Must the youth exhibitor be a member of a Texas Longhorn breed registry to be eligible to participate in an Autobahn Tour show?


Does the animal entered in an Autobahn Tour show have to be registered, if yes then why?

Yes, it is important that the Autobahn Tour have the ability to verify age and parentage.

Which Texas Longhorn registry is recognized by the Autobahn Youth Tour?

The Autobahn Tour recognizes the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America, International Texas Longhorn Breeders, Texas Longhorn Cattle Association, and The Cattlemen’s Texas Longhorn Registry. Animals registered in any of the four recognized registries are eligible to compete.

Does the animal entered in an Autobahn Youth Tour Show have to be owned by the youth exhibitor?

No, the Autobahn Youth Tour does not require the youth exhibitor to own the cattle they are exhibiting.

How are judges selected for Tour shows?

The Autobahn Tour seeks judges that enjoy working with youth and deemed by their peers to be some of the best in the beef industry. The Autobahn Youth Tour does not utilize Texas Longhorn breeder judges for cattle evaluation.

What is the process for retrieval of scholarship funds and since I will not be attending a traditional 4 year college, can my school qualify?

All questions concerning individual Putnam accounts or general questions about the Putnam accounts i.e. distribution of account funds, school eligibility, account balance, time limits and restrictions are handled by Stacie Winson with Morgan Stanley, the Tour fund manager. Contact Stacie toll free (800)488-9880 or direct (314)889-9842, e-mail

Please, do not contact Putnam for account information or distribution, as it will only delay the process. Once again, all questions and concerns are directed to Stacie Winson with Morgan Stanley.

Any additional questions should be addressed to:

Pam Dodson
General Manager
Phone: (817) 390-3130
FAX: (817) 335-5223



One of the most terrifying challenges facing parents is how to address the rising cost of educating their children. If becoming involved with one of the most innovative scholarship programs available that puts kids first, is something you have been considering, or if participating in a scholarship program recognized as the industry standard appeals to you, then you need to contact the Autobahn Motorcar Group Youth Scholarship Tour.

The Chase Family is dedicated to championing opportunities for all young people. Therefore, all inquiries are welcome and the Tour is open to every young person regardless of association affiliation. TLBAA, ITLA, TLCA and CTLR members and cattle are welcome. We want to help the dreams and aspirations of a generation of Texas Longhorn youth become a reality. The path you take today can become tomorrow’s road to success.

The secret to Autobahn Motorcar Group Youth Scholarship Tour success is the underlying philosophy of “kids first.” When decisions about the Tour are made, the first question asked is, “How will this affect the kids?” If you do the right thing for the right reasons, then success will follow. To punctuate that belief, the Autobahn Youth Tour has enjoyed a marked increase in the number of cattle entered and youth exhibitors each year of its existence.

2018 Autobahnanza Videos

We hope everyone had a lot of fun at the 2018 show. As usual we have several videos for you to watch from the show! Click here for the latest videos.

Autobahn Youth Tour Entry Forms

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