Health Requirements

Autobahn Youth Tour Health Requirements

Health Requirements for the Autobahn Youth Tour

The following is a summary of the Autobahn Youth Tour animal health regulations for animals entering the show grounds. In some instances these regulations exceed current Texas Animal Health Commission regulations that govern the movement of cattle into shows. Exhibitors with cattle originating outside of the state of Texas are encouraged to contact their state Animal Health officials to confirm specific requirements, if any; their state may impose on animals returning from a Texas show. For further clarification or information, contact the Autobahn Youth Scholarship Tour (817) 336-0885 ext.130 or the Texas Animal Health Commission (512) 719-0777 or (800) 550-8242, P.O. Box 12966, Austin, TX 78711-2966.

Texas Origin Cattle:
Certificate of Veterinary Inspection issued within the past 30 days.

Out of State Origin Cattle:
1. Certificate of Veterinary Inspection issued within 30 days of entry into Texas and/or show grounds.

2. Negative brucellosis test within the past 30 days for all cattle which are 18 months of age or older.
Exemptions: (1). Cattle from Class “Free” states. (2). Cattle from a certified brucellosis-free herd with a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection stating the certified free herd number and the herd anniversary test date.

3. Negative tuberculosis (TB) test within the past 60 days for all cattle.
Exemptions: (1). Cattle from tuberculosis “Free” states. (2). Cattle from a tuberculosis-free herd with the accreditation number and the herd anniversary test date listed on the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection. (3). Suckling calves from a negative dam.

4. Breeding bulls eighteen (18) months of age or older must be tested negative for trichomoniasis with an official Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test within thirty (30) days of entry into Texas and/or show grounds or have a Prior Entry Permit.


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Autobahn Youth Tour Entry Forms

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