Shop Projects Rules

Entries are subject to Autobahn Youth Tour General Rules. In the unlikely case of a disagreement, Autobahn Youth Tour decisions are final.

Divisions: There are two divisions:
I. Wood
II. Metal

Eligible Entries: The project must have been constructed by the exhibitor. The project must have been completed within the last twelve months. Prefabricated or Kit projects are discouraged. Only ONE project per exhibitor will be accepted.

Exhibit Space: Project display location will be determined by the Autobahn Youth Tour. Display space under shelter is not guaranteed. Projects that are unable to fit in the display area will be stationed in an outside location in close proximity to the judging area.

Project Presentation: All projects must be painted or properly treated, must be clean and in a presentable condition at check-in, even though they may have been used. No touch-up painting will be allowed inside the exhibit area.

Safety: Appropriate and safe display stands must be provided for gates, panels and other projects that need support. Sharp edges and points are to be padded or covered, as necessary, to prevent injury.

Liability: Every precaution will be taken to protect the projects entered, however, the Autobahn Youth Tour will NOT be responsible for any loss or damage to projects.

Record Requirements:

1) An original, exhibitor drawn or CAD plan with measurements and labeled photographs showing stages of construction should be included.

2) List and estimated cost of materials used and construction time should be included.

3) Records are to be displayed in a three ring binder.

Exhibitors are expected to be in place, by their project, at the start of the Shop Projects judging.

At the start of the judging, the project area will be closed to everyone, except exhibitors, Autobahn Youth Tour personnel and the judges.

Placing: The Champion Metal will be chosen from all 1st place Metal winners. Reserve Champion will be chosen from the remaining 1st place and the 2nd place moved up behind the class the Champion was in.

Wood Champion and Reserve Champion will be chosen by the same method.

Best in Show will be chosen between the Champion Wood and Champion Metal winners.

Judging System:

The following judging system will be used in judging projects:

30 Points – Workmanship

20 Points – Design and Materials Used

10 Points – Finish

10 Points – Degree of Difficulty

10 Points – Practicality

10 Points – Interview

10 Points – Plans, Photos and Bill of Material

Scholarship Eligibility: The top three places in each age division of both Wood and Metal will receive scholarship money.

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