Speech Contest Rules

Speech topic choices will be published prior to the Autobahn Youth Tour show start date.

This year’s topic choices are: Integrity and Respect

Exhibitors are not allowed in the Speech Contest room until after their speech has been given.

The Speech Length

Speech is required to be 3 – 5 minutes in length with a 5 point deduction for every 15 seconds over or under the required time.


10 points possible: Appearance (neat and appropriate)

15 points possible: Voice (clear, fluent, voice control, pronunciation, articulation, projection), Poise, Posture and Eye Contact.

25 points possible: Subject Matter – Originality; Speaker’s Understanding of Subject Matter; Suitability of Topic; Information presented (accurate, up-to-date and complete)

50 points possible: Presentation – Introduction (short, complete, interesting); Organization of Material; Delivery (smooth, appropriate speed, voice variation); Conclusion (adequate and effective); General Effect of Presentation; Interest to Audience; Visual aids, if used (proper use and well managed)

Any visual aids will be the responsibility of the exhibitor. Autobahn Youth Tour does not guarantee an available electrical outlet within reach of the presentation area.

Exhibitors need to have command of the material in their speech. Reading the speech verbatim from written notes will be judged accordingly.

Scholarship Eligibility: Scholarship money will be awarded to the 1st – 10th places in each age division.

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