The Rules

Mission Statement

All young people should be able to receive a college education if they desire one.


The Autobahn Youth Scholarship Tour was established in 2000 for the purpose of providing scholarship money to youth exhibiting Texas Longhorn cattle at designated Autobahn Youth Scholarship Tour shows.

The animal classes, rules and regulations were formulated by the Autobahn Youth Scholarship Tour management trusting that breeder and exhibitor integrity will allow for simplicity in the rules.

Rules and Regulations

Management: The Autobahn Youth Scholarship Tour management will handle all the affairs of Tour shows.

Location: The site of Autobahn Tour shows will be located at clean, easily accessible facilities, able to handle large numbers of cattle.

Date and Schedule: Although the Autobahn Tour is sensitive to scheduling conflicts with other Texas Longhorn events, suitable facility availability and youth exhibitor schedules are the priority when determining the dates for Autobahn Youth Scholarship Tour shows.

Entry: Entries will be submitted on official Autobahn Tour entry forms. Entries will be sent to the Autobahn Youth Scholarship Tour office in Fort Worth, Texas, post marked on or before the designated deadline for each show. A copy of the animals’ registration certificate (front and back) must accompany the entry for verification of age and registration.

Entry fees: Entry fees for Autobahn Tour shows will be established by Autobahn Tour management.

Entry acceptance: Autobahn Youth Scholarship Tour management reserves the right to accept or reject conditionally any entry or applicant.

Entry program: The Autobahn Youth Tour will publish a list of entries including class, entry number, name of animal, registration number, date of birth, owner and exhibitor. A copy of the program will be made available to all of the exhibitors.

Cattle eligibility: All registered Texas Longhorn cattle (steers must have registered sire and dam) meeting the age criteria and other requirements for a class are eligible. However, they are not required to be registered in the name of the youth exhibiting the animal. All cattle must be 120 days of age (the day of the show) to be eligible. The Autobahn Youth Scholarship Tour recognizes cattle registered with the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America, International Texas Longhorn Association, Texas Longhorn Cattle Association and Cattlemen’s Texas Longhorn Registry.

Proof of registration: Autobahn Youth Tour Management will inspect the registration certificate or a copy of said certificate for each animal entered. All animals will be subject to positive identification upon arrival and through the duration of the show.

Exhibitor eligibility: All youth meeting Autobahn Youth Tour age requirements are eligible. Membership in a Texas Longhorn association is not a requirement.

Tie stall assignment: Tie stalls will be assigned to all animals entered in an Autobahn Youth Tour show by Tour management or the designated host of an Autobahn Tour show. Transient cattle are discouraged. Pens and/or confinement areas for transient cattle will not be provided.

Appearance of tie stall and exhibit areas: Tie stall and exhibitor areas are expected to be kept clean of trash and animal waste.

Release: All animals entered in an Autobahn Youth Tour Show are to stay on the show grounds until released by show management.

Entry numbers: Exhibitors must use a standard number clip for all classes. Entry numbers will be clearly visible and must reflect the entry number of the animal being exhibited.

Exhibitor dress requirements: Exhibitors must wear long sleeve shirt or blouse with collar and cuffs and pants or skirt with boots while exhibiting cattle in the show ring (Western hats may be worn if desired). Strictly prohibited are baseball style caps and tennis shoe type foot wear. Additionally, CELL PHONES, scotch combs, tobacco product packages and ribbons ARE NOT allowed in the ring while exhibiting cattle.

Judge: Judges for Autobahn Motorcar Group Youth scholarship Tour shows will be selected by Autobahn Youth Tour management.

Weighing of cattle: All junior and intermediate females, all bulls and all junior steers will be weighed at each Autobahn Youth Tour show. Weight results will be posted on the official Autobahn Tour web-site.

Physical inspection: Autobahn Tour management maintains the option to physically examine all cattle entered in Autobahn Tour shows. Cattle may be subjected to mouthing by a certified veterinarian for age verification.

Health certificate: Upon arrival at Autobahn Tour shows all cattle must have a current health certificate (federally approved form) issued by a licensed veterinarian. Health certificates must be made available upon request by Animal Health Officials and/or Autobahn Tour management. Health certificate must individually identify all animals, reflecting their holding brand and private herd number with location; reflect required tests and/or vaccinations; reflect name and address of owner or exhibitor. It is suggested that all females be Official Calfhood Vaccinates, requiring vaccination at the appropriate age.

Pregnancy information and/or age of calf at side will be available for the judge upon request. Nursing calves, 205 days of age or less, may be shown at side, on halter, with its’ dam. Calves shown at side of dam must be eligible for registration in the ITLA, TLBAA, TLCA or CTLR (no crossbred calves).

Bulls: All bulls will be shown with nose ring and lead straps. It is strongly suggested that bulls over 12 months of age have a permanent nose ring. Neck ties or neck straps must be used on bulls, 12 months of age or older, when secured in stall area.

Steers: All senior steers born third preceding calendar of tour show, must be shown with nose ring (permanent or temporary) with lead strap.

For safety concerns, if the horns of the animal being shown present a danger to the exhibitor, a stand-off may be used over a portion of lead shank.

Grooming: Animals exhibited in an Autobahn Youth Tour show are expected to be shown in a neat and clean condition. Washing, combing, brushing and the trimming of excess hair are permitted. The following are prohibited: the use of a grooming chute on show grounds, sanding horns and spray painting hoofs. Show sheen and other brand products similar in nature are permitted.

Alteration of Physical features: The alteration of an animals appearance by surgical means is unethical and will be grounds for the animals disqualification from the Autobahn Youth Scholarship Tour with the added possibility of sanctions, to be determined by Autobahn Tour management, for the owner and/or exhibitor of the altered animal.

The usage of growth hormones are prohibited in all animals entered at Autobahn Tour shows and are a detriment to the future fertility of animals entering production.

Unmanageable animals: All animals entered in the show are expected to be manageable. If an animal should become unmanageable, Autobahn Tour management has the right and the responsibility to remove the animal from the show. The ring steward is responsible for the movement and placements of animals in the show ring. Any exhibitor and/or animal disrupting the movement or placement of animals in the show ring or animals deemed uncontrollable which could endanger other exhibitors and/or animals shall be dismissed at the discretion of the ring steward. Ring steward decisions are final and not questionable. All entry fees are forfeited for animals removed from competition by Autobahn Tour management or ring steward.

Movement of Cattle: Autobahn Tour management is not responsible for the movement of cattle to and from the show arena. The owner and/or exhibitor is fully responsible to have the animals in the make-ready area and available for class call by the announcer or make-ready official. Entries will enter the show ring in the order designated by the make-ready official and/or ring steward. Only individuals that are showing or helping with the make-ready of animals will be allowed in the make-ready area.

No adults, except the judge, ring stewards and Autobahn Tour Show officials will be allowed in the show arena, except in case of emergency.

Acceptance of Rules: the presentation of a signed entry form by the owner and/or exhibitor shall constitute acceptance of all rules and regulations pertaining to an Autobahn Youth Scholarship Tour show. In the event the owner and/or exhibitor fails to sign an entry form, the first entry into the show ring of an animal entered by the owner and/or exhibitor shall constitute acceptance of all the rules and regulations pertaining to an Autobahn Youth Scholarship Tour show.

Conduct: Any false representation, interference or unmannerly conduct on the part of any owner and/or exhibitor will be dealt with by Autobahn Tour Management according to the equities of the case. Unauthorized physical inspection of other owner and/or exhibitors cattle is strictly forbidden.

Final interpretation of the Rules: Autobahn Youth Tour management reserves the right to settle all questions and disputes arising at an Autobahn Youth Tour show. All owners and/or exhibitors as a condition of admission give unqualified consent to the Autobahn Youth Tour management to settle such questions and disputes and agree in advance to be bound by Autobahn Tour management decisions.

Protest: Protests, other than those regarding age and/or parentage, must be submitted in writing to Autobahn Youth Scholarship Tour show management along with a $500 cash deposit. Protest must be received a minimum of two hours before published show time or two hours after the culmination of the show. The Autobahn Youth Tour management will review the protest and act accordingly. If the decision is in the favor of the protester, action will be taken, and the deposit will be refunded. If the decision is against the protester, the protester forfeits the deposit to the Autobahn Youth Scholarship Tour.

Protest for parentage and/or age:

(A) Protest submission: Age and/or parentage protests must be submitted, in writing, in a sealed envelope to the Autobahn Youth Scholarship Tour General Manager, 3000 White Settlement Road, Fort Worth, Texas, 76107.

(B) Protest definition: A protest is a written statement of fact, not opinion, of a violation of the rules and/or regulations concerning parentage and/or age in a Autobahn Youth Scholarship Tour Show, complete with supporting evidence. At a minimum, the protest will include the name of the animal involved, the owner of the animal involved, the protest grievance, any relevant background, other substantiating parties and references and the signature of the individual initiating the protest.

(C) A $500 deposit must accompany all submitted protests. The deposit will be held by the Autobahn Youth Scholarship Tour until disposition of the protest. Prior to any investigation, the Autobahn Tour General Manager and his protest committee will review the protest. If it is not deemed to be an acceptable protest, the deposit will be returned to the protester. If the protest committee accepts the protest, there will be an investigation.

If, after investigation, the protest is upheld by the committee, the deposit will be returned to the protester. If, after investigation, the protest is denied by the committee, the deposit will be retained by the Autobahn Youth Scholarship Tour.

(D) Protest reviews: It is the intent of the Autobahn Youth Scholarship Tour that all protested animals are not considered in violation based solely on having a protest filed against it. The burden of proof will be with the person initiating the protest. However, the Protest Committee investigation may implicate others who are party to the rules violations, as well as against the owner of the animal being protested. In such cases, those other persons may be subject to sanctions imposed by the Protest Committee.

Sanctions: When Protests are upheld, the Protest Committee will impose sanctions against the breeder, the fitter or the owner. These sanctions will include barring the animal from showing for life on the first offense and suspending the breeder, and/or fitter, and/or owner from showing in any Autobahn Youth Scholarship show for life on the second offense.

Sanctions impacting show placement: An animal may continue to show in Autobahn Youth Scholarship Shows while a protest regarding age and/or parentage is being reviewed by the Protest Committee. Any scholarship money awarded during Protest Committee review will be withheld until a ruling by the Protest Committee. If after review the protest is denied the Scholarship funds awarded will be placed in the account of the youth exhibitor. However, if the protest is upheld, any titles awarded to the animal will be vacated and any awards made on behalf of the animal will be returned by the owner to the Autobahn Youth Tour. When an animal is disqualified the next ranking animals move up in position and Scholarship money and awards if applicable will be awarded to the youth exhibitor of those animals.

The decisions of the Protest Committee are final and are not subject to appeal.


One of the most terrifying challenges facing parents is how to address the rising cost of educating their children. If becoming involved with one of the most innovative scholarship programs available that puts kids first, is something you have been considering, or if participating in a scholarship program recognized as the industry standard appeals to you, then you need to contact the Autobahn Motorcar Group Youth Scholarship Tour.

The Chase Family is dedicated to championing opportunities for all young people. Therefore, all inquiries are welcome and the Tour is open to every young person regardless of association affiliation. TLBAA, ITLA, TLCA and CTLR members and cattle are welcome. We want to help the dreams and aspirations of a generation of Texas Longhorn youth become a reality. The path you take today can become tomorrow’s road to success.

The secret to Autobahn Motorcar Group Youth Scholarship Tour success is the underlying philosophy of “kids first.” When decisions about the Tour are made, the first question asked is, “How will this affect the kids?” If you do the right thing for the right reasons, then success will follow. To punctuate that belief, the Autobahn Youth Tour has enjoyed a marked increase in the number of cattle entered and youth exhibitors each year of its existence.

The numbers reflect this impressive achievement, since the inception of the Tour in 2000 well over 900 kids have been enrolled and the Chase’s will have contributed over $4,600,000 to their scholarship funds at the conclusion of the 2017 Autobahn Tour.


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